The care for the environment and the protection of Bulgaria’s beautiful nature are our everyday tasks. Led by this conviction, the company has made significant investments in different sustainability projects over the years.

Photovoltaic power plant

Our photovoltaic system covers about half of our electricity consumption and saves 1,470 tons of carbon dioxide per year. This corresponds to a number of 37,565 newly planted trees. The project is part of the long-term investment strategy of the company and the implementation of our policy for greater sustainability on the way to a green economy.

Energy and resource monitoring

At over 100 measuring points in the factory, the consumption of electricity, gas, water, steam and compressed air is documented every day. Thus, changes in consumption and possible sources of loss can be identified and immediate maintenance or repair measures can be initiated. Every four years, PIRIN-TEX is audited by independent institutions regarding the energy and resource consumption, to stay updated with the latest energy-efficient technology and most resource-efficient production.


In a specially adapted department we gather, sort, and bale over 95% of our textile, paper and plastic waste, and sell it as raw materials for the recycling industry.

Wastewater treatment plant

In our own treatment plant, the waste water from our washing & dyeing department is purified mechanically, chemically and biologically and undergoes constant control against residues.

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